Debbie Hathway has indulged her passion for writing since the early nineties. During her career, her skills have been applied in the fields of public relations, investor relations, multimedia and publishing but the latter has always been the center of her literary passion.

She considers herself fortunate to have entered the workplace at what was then Natal Newspapers in Durban – where Newspaper House had a printing press at its heart and where she spent many weekends developing her own photographs for publication at the in-house photo lab. It was also in Durban where Debbie learnt to race Hobie 16s, mostly off Vetchie’s Pier near the harbour wall, accumulating scars as fast as she did trophies in the fiercely competitive scene that this class enjoyed at that time.

She is now based in Cape Town, where she immerses herself in writing and copy editing in the realm of travel, luxury lifestyle, health and wellbeing, business and the arts for a variety of leading magazines and newspapers across Africa. Travel assignments have taken her to various locations in South Africa as well as Europe, Mozambique and Mauritius. Wherever she goes she has two priorities – to sail, weather and location permitting, and to dance – and she usually gets it right.