As Communications and Logistics Manager, Ingrid handled a huge portfolio.

This included securing sponsors and partners and managing the sponsor relationships. Sponsors/partners included: Lion of Africa, Helly Hansen, The Noakes Foundation, Southern Ropes, Pathcare, Banting Boulevard.

We conceptualised and managed events that would create interest for the media and along with that we managed the media interest generated from these events across all platforms. Ingrid promoted the campaign on all media platforms – traditional (radio, Television, print), digital and social media for brand Lion of Africa Vulcan, the crew and the support team. Our Facebook post on the arrival into Rio received well over 20 000 views.

Ingrid also undertook to manage the provision supply for the race. This meant sourcing, organizing and packing all the food, boat provisions and crew medication. She also managed the Rio logistics: accommodation, flights, meals, S&T, foreign exchange, chandlery for the delivery back to Cape Town.